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Wycliffe Australia is made up of ordinary Australians who have the deepest commitment to people of all cultures and to the uncompleted task of Bible translation bringing God’s Word to life while simultaneously serving people’s needs holistically. Wycliffe is about translating the Bible and transforming the world. We’re happiest working behind-the-scenes, yet the results of this life-changing work speak loudly. Wycliffe comes alive when God’s Word comes alive.

Wycliffe Worldwide Facts

  • about 7000 languages spoken in the world
  • 1778 languages needing translation
  • 2932 languages with some or all of the Bible
  • 2267 languages with translation in progress


Wycliffe Australia partners with the Australian Christian Community and other organisations in the global Bible translation movement. Our primary partnerships are with SIL and its entities, national Bible translation organisations and other national partners. Australian Wycliffe members serve in various roles in these organisations.

Wycliffe Australia is a member of Bible Agencies Australia.


SIL Australia is our primary training institution. We also partner with a number of Bible colleges for combined courses, internships, short-term mission trips and more.


All our members are also members of Australian churches who make this work possible through their financial and prayer support.


Our Vision

To see disciples of Jesus from the minority language groups of the world growing through the Scriptures being available to them in their own heart language.

This means helping those 2267 Bible translation projects ( 2015 stats ) that the Wycliffe Global Alliance is involved in right now, to finish the job. It also means, in prayer, taking a few risks to see how the church might get started in the estimated 1778 languages that still don’t have even one verse of Scripture that they fully understand.

The primary role of Wycliffe Australia in this vision is to train and support Australian Christians who are willing to live cross-culturally, using their skills and character to give a practical helping hand to local communities undertaking translation projects or to pioneer new ones ready to start.

A helping hand can come in many forms so if you are an Aussie Christian and have a desire to be involved in the Bible translation movement in some way, then we would be delighted to hear from you.


We Believe

We believe in the one true God, his Word to us in the Bible, and his concern for the whole world; every person, from every language group.

We Value

The transforming Word of God

  • We facilitate access to, love for, and engagement with the Bible, the Word of God
  • We are committed to the clear, accurate communication of the biblical message
  • We want to see people and communities transformed by the impact of the Scriptures.

Dependence on God

  • We are committed to prayer
  • We exercise faith in our individual and corporate lives
  • We trust God for all that is needed to continue and complete the Bible translation task.

The church

  • We believe in the central role of the church in God’s mission
  • We value the role of the faith community in confirming what God is saying to us
  • We are committed to the worldwide church and the commission to disciple all peoples.

Partnership and service

  • We partner with others in accomplishing mutual goals
  • We are serious about collaboration, teamwork and mutual respect
  • We seek to embody a spirit of service in all we do.

Quality and development

  • We want to be like Christ, believing that the quality of our lives and work is a reflection of him
  • We are committed to lifelong learning, professional development and reflective assessment
  • We embrace change and seek opportunities to creatively live in obedience to God’s mission, utilise and adapt technologies and improve our ways of working.



Email: info_australia@wycliffe.org
Website: www.wycliffe.org.au
Phone: 1300 36 2025

Wycliffe Bible Translators